Where can I download Banktivity/iBank for Mac? And which version of macOS is supported?

The latest version of Banktivity (9) can be downloaded using the following link: Banktivity 9 (for use with macOS 10.15 (Catalina)- macOS14 (Sonoma) The following links can be used to download older versions of Banktivity/iBank for Mac*: Banktivity 8 (for use with macOS 10.15, mac OS 11, macOS 12 & macOS 13) Banktivity 7 (for…

Where can I find details regarding the latest Banktivity update?

You can use the following links to view the version history for any of our Banktivity apps. The version history will include all requests implemented and bugs fixed in each version. Banktivity 5 for Mac Version History Banktivity for iPad Version History Banktivity for iPhone Version History Banktivity Investor Version History