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Raymond, a happy customer

Best. Financial. Software. Ever. (And I've used MANY!) If you really want financial software that's both easy to use and powerful, this is the one. You can drive it in first or sixth gear, and it works no matter. Also, very stable software, and I love how it syncs across devices and from my bank accounts.

– Raymond, Ontario, Canada

Five stars

Brian, a happy customer

Banktivity's Direct Access feature saves me lots of time every month getting those debit transactions in my accounts. The automatic transaction matching is pretty good, I do have to sometimes merge transactions with the same dollar amount and check ID. Overall, I've had a great experiences so far with Banktivity and I'd recommend it to others.

– Brian, Massachusetts

Five stars

Craig, a happy customer

"Managing cash-flow was a challenge. Now decision making on spending is so much SIMPLER and objective. Now, I can plan to take that vacation or buy that new TV or save up the emergency fund without having to sacrifice or compromise on my lifestyle. I can plan my life for fun and my responsibilities proactively."

– Craig, Washington, DC

Five stars

Chris, a happy customer

This is a great tool to keep track of your income, expenses, and all sorts of financial assets. If you worked with Quicken in the past, this software is an easy transition. The functionality is great and it is very intuitive to use. I am thankful I found this software.

– Chris, Ohio

Five stars

Philip, a happy customer

Banktivity is the best account management tool for Mac that I have found. Simple and accurate with good reporting tools. Former Quicken user, I like the simplicity of Banktivity.

– Ken, Utah

Four stars

Craig, a happy customer

Banktivity is intuitive and easy to use. It is something that gives me peace of mind and keeps all my money related information in one place. I haven't even scratched the surface of what Banktivity can do but I am excited to learn and implement every feature there is to be used.

– Debbie, Texas

Five stars

Joanna, a happy customer

I like the simplicity of Banktivity. I usually find budgeting software intimidating to set up. Banktivity almost does it for you."

– Joanna, Jamaica

Four stars

Philip, a happy customer

As prior users of a competing free online service, we were frustrated by the lack of ability to customize reports and output to our categories. Banktivity offers all the automation you can wish for while at the same time enables users to customize and report as they want. Now, all it takes us is a 15 minute monthly session to review all transactions and change a few categorizations. Love being able to know at any moment what are our expenditures, in which categories and what is our cash-flow need.

– Philip, Florida

Five stars

Craig, a happy customer

If your looking for a financial program to achieve all your financial goals look no further than Banktivity.

– John, New York

Five stars

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I was overjoyed to find Banktivity for my Mac. Much superior to Quicken, and with a lot of the power I'd come to depend on in QuickBooks.... Intuitive to use.

Patty Page, Washington

I especially like the addition of tags. And you made it so easy to convert over from subcategories.

E.W., Virginia

Simple, effective and efficient money management - doing the accounts is now a pleasure not a chore!

R.A.B., United Kingdom

I was disappointed that there was no banking software that was up to the standard of the normal Mac software...when I came across iBank (now Banktivity). I have been sold ever since! Each update just gets better and better.

B.W., Oregon

My files migrated perfectly from Quicken for Windows, and now I can FINALLY get Windows off my Mac!!

L.K.M., North Carolina

...imported 17 years of financial data and tested all the features important to me. PERFECT and SEAMLESS! Where have you been all my life!

M.W., Toronto

As simple or complex as you need a program to be! Incredible support team.

Bonnie Swan, British Columbia

Connects to all my Australian banking accounts and imports all my data with a simple click...and reports that I can send to my CPA without manipulations. A Time and Money Saver.

Mario Recuero, NSW Australia

Your software is almost as good as the pies at the Putney diner, and that is saying something.

Richard Wagner, United States

Love your product. I had been a loyal Money user for over 10 years, but I am so glad that I switched.

Cindy Yates, United States