Real Estate

Your home is often a significant portion of your net worth, it's important to track it.

Banktivity gives you the tools to track the value of your property


Track values instantly

If you have a home in the United States, you can track and download the current estimated value, automatically.

Got a loan with that home?

Easily associate your home with a corresponding mortgage so you can easily see how much you are leveraged.

Real estate account
As one of your largest assets (pun intended!), your real estate holdings is an important part of your financial picture.

Home Mortgage and Amortization


Mortgage Big Picture

See the big picture of your mortgage including the total amount you will pay in interest.

Amortization Table

See a breakdown of every payment until you're free and clear.

Mortgage graph showing breakout of principal and interest over lifetime of the loan.
Our powerful mortgage graph breaks out the details of your loan.
Every loan payment in an amortization table.
See every payment in our complete amortization table.

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