Building a Better Banktivity

The nitty gritty details of how we are making Banktivity better for you.

Version: (BETA)

Release date: October 20, 2020

  • Added some new artwork in the getting started flow
  • Changed default category name from “Mortgage” to “Mortgage Payment”
  • Fixed clipping issue with statements
  • Fixed the renewal date for subscription vouchers
  • Addressed a potential issue with App Store receipts
  • Fixed an issue where Goal envelopes filled with an unexpected values
  • Fixed an issue where amounts did not import via CSV when choosing the "by flipping value" option
  • The credit card goal now shows the correct balance at the end of the goal month (next payment date
  • Fixed an issue where the Emergency goal target value may be offset by a month
  • Starting amount on a goal is now be presumed to be 0.00
  • Added new art for the What's New screens
  • Changed the default category name from "Mortgage" to "Mortgage Payment"
  • Fixed a layout issue in the Portfolio
  • Fixed a blank screen in Create Document -> Start fresh
  • Fixed an issue where the Budget shows incorrect weekend days
  • Fixed an issue where Dates can wrap in Settings if region is set to UK
  • Fixed an issue where a decimal point is not shown during portfolio price edits
  • Fixed an alert on an expired trial
  • Can now manually enter a share prices less than 1.0 in the Summary page

Version: (BETA)

Release date: October 13, 2020

  • Fixed a crasher when trying to set up a subscription through less traveled path
  • Addressed visually glitches in Prefs window
  • Fixed issue where calendar date picker interfered with ESC button
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't select 'Day' as the bar chart interval for some reports
  • Improved the prompt for "read-only" – now it indicates if you need to log in
  • Addressed visual glitch in Portfolio
  • Fixed crash when going forward/backward in time in Portfolio view
  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't distribute cash to goals
  • Removed the in-app feedback menu item
  • Improved some text layout with credit card goals
  • Portfolio view now has 'shares' label
  • Fixed issue where the lock screen could be scrollable in the Portfolio view
  • Tags report always appears on the Summary screen now (if you have tags)
  • In-app messages will now appear if we want them to
  • Fixed an issue where tags report could fail with partial year sometimes
  • Addressed issue where IRR could be misaligned on Portfolio
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when loading some account screens (hopefully!) We couldn't reproduce this so fingers crossed!
  • Fixed a crash when adjusting the schedule on a scheduled transaction