Everything you need to know about upgrading to the new Banktivity.

New features, new payment model, same great platform for taking control of your finances.

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For macOS Catalina or higher

Now at Version 9!

Great new features in Banktivity for macOS and iOS

Macbook Air

New on Mac

Remove Historical Data. Keep your most recent data and save the rest off into a separate document.

Interface Zooming. Scale up (or down) the main content area to just the way you want to see it.

Improved Scheduled Transactions. You can now schedule for irregular dates like the last Wednesday of each month.

Goals. Banktivity helps you reach life’s major financial milestones. We went over the top with powerful new goal tracking. You can now plan for retirement, save for education, pay down credit card debt and more.

Beautiful UI. We’ve designed Banktivity’s UI to take full advantage of the beautiful aesthetic of the latest macOS.

Ready for Apple Silicon. The new Banktivity runs natively on the M1 & M2 Apple Silicon Macs.

Touch ID. Unlock your documents with Touch ID on your Mac.

Signatures On Your Checks. Print checks with your signature already on them.

Tag Scheduled Transactions. More accurate finances, less work.

And more! Additional features, improvements (and bug fixes!) throughout the app!

iPad and iPhone

New on iPhone and iPad

Reports. Our most popular reports are now on iPhone and iPad.

Reconcile. You can now reconcile (and sync!) your statements.

Dark Mode. Our new iPhone and iPad apps look fantastic in Dark Mode.

Portfolio View. A new dedicated Portfolio view lets you see your investments like never before.

Magic Keyboard Support. Type, point, click – our iPad app plays nice with Apple's Magic Keyboards.

Tag Scheduled Transactions. More accurate finances, less work.

New Banktivity Subscription

Get access to all new features across three apps, along with upgrades, fixes and enhancements, all with a single subscription.

Flexible and affordable

We've made our subscriptions extremely flexible to make sure customers get what they want. We've set up three tiers of pricing which allow you to pay for what you need, based on your level of activity.

Review our pricing page to find which tier offers the features you need to make the most of your money with Banktivity.

Direct Access and OFX now included

No matter which tier you choose, Direct Access and OFX (Direct Connect) connectivity are included. There used to be an additional charge for Direct Access, now there isn't!

Get 3 new apps

No matter which tier you choose, you'll get all three of our new apps, Banktivity for Mac, iPhone and iPad. You'll also get every update, as they are included in the price of the subscription. (Even if you subscribe once and don't renew, you still get access to new versions of the apps!)

Benefits of a subscription model

In addition to a set of great new apps, subscribers can use the connected services enabled at their subscription tier. Additionally, any tier gives you access to our US-based technical support.

Connected services

  • Technical Support Bronze
  • Cloud Sync Bronze
  • Direct Access Based on account type – starts at Bronze
  • Stock Quote Downloading Silver
  • Estimate home price downloading Silver
  • Currency exchange rate downloading Gold

Common subscription scenarios and questions

Subscribe, but do not renew

If you subscribe to any one of our tiers, but choose not to renew after you've paid for a year, you retain full access to your data, including the ability add, edit and delete data based on the highest paid for tier. You will, however, no longer have access to our connected services and technical support.

Changing Tiers

Downgrading from Gold to Silver

The Gold tier includes two unique features - support for tracking accounts across multiple currencies and check printing. It also allows you to download currency and cryptocurrency exchange rates, (a connected service).

If after your initial subscription, you decide to downgrade to Silver, you can still access check printing and multi-currency support. This means you can keep printing checks and add/edit/delete accounts in different currencies. However, since downloading currency exchange rates is a connected service of the gold tier, this will stop working (you can still manually enter currency exchange rates).

Downgrading from Silver to Bronze

You set up two accounts via a Silver subscription, both use our connected service Direct Access. The first is a checking account (supported at the bronze tier) and the other is a brokerage account (supported at the silver tier). You also install our iOS app and use our connected service Cloud Sync to keep your data in sync across your devices. After your initial subscription, you decide to downgrade and renew at bronze tier.

As an active subscriber you'll be able to use Cloud Sync (a bronze-level connected service). Direct Access will continue to work for your checking account, but it will stop working for the brokerage account. Additionally, stock prices will no longer download for you. You will, however, be able to manually import files into your brokerage account or add transactions manually. You will be able to manage securities and security prices manually. And of course, as an active subscriber, you'll retain access to our technical support.

How to upgrade

Banktivity seamlessly transfers all of your existing financial data from previous versions.

The basic upgrade process

Banktivity stores all of your data in a "document" (aka a file) on your local device. When you tell Banktivity to open a document created with a previous version it copies all of the data into a new file and leaves the original untouched.

The new Banktivity can import/migrate files from Banktivity 5, 6 and 7. Simply launch the new Banktivity on Mac and choose File > New and follow the onscreen prompts. You will be asked to find your previous version's document so Banktivity can import it.

More detailed instructions can be found here.

Woman on sofa with cat with finances

Upgrading on just one Mac

Launch the new Banktivity and choose File > New > Document. Then click "Create New Document". Then follow the onscreen prompts.

More detailed instructions can be found here.

Upgrading across multiple Macs

Follow the steps above on each of your Macs or use a combination of the steps above with setting up some documents from our Cloud Sync server.

Upgrading a Mac and iPhone and/or iPad

Upgrade on the Mac as described above. Then download the new Banktivity iOS apps from the App Store. Then tap "Tap to Begin" and follow the onscreen prompts to import your data from Cloud Sync.

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