Better Budgeting

Time-tested budgeting principles and methods to help you reach your financial goals.

Plan Your Budget

Envelope Budgeting


Have a plan for the money you have right now.

Start with the money you have now

Envelope budgeting (or zero-based budgeting) puts you in complete control of your finances. Use what you have right now and make a plan for how each dollar will be spent until you get paid again. It's not about spending less; it is about spending right.

Always answer "can I afford it?"

With envelope budgeting you always know how much you have, how much you need for immediate and future expenses, so you’ll always know what you can afford.

Reach your financial goals

Saving for an emergency fund? Paying down debt? Planning for retirement? Banktivity's envelope budgeting helps you reach all your goals.

Budget early in the month
Big beautiful budget.

Incorporate your bills

After you tell Banktivity about your bills, they’ll be automatically incorporated into your budget. That way, Banktivity can match each transaction with the right bill.

Budget with automatic bill matching
Budgeting for the hard months is easy.

Budget for the hard months

Banktivity helps you plan for fluctuations in your monthly budget.

Budget for every month

Banktivity lets you set a budgeted amount for every month of the year. This is great for those tricky spending times of the year, like when a big insurance bill is due or around the holidays and the like.


Banktivity’s budgets allow you to customize your budget for your situation. From the most basic setup to those managing their own fortunes, Banktivity’s budgets can handle it.

Budgeting for uncommon events in specific months
Never miss a bill again.
Budget on iPhone
Always have your budget with you: iPhone, iPad and Mac.

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