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If you decide not to renew you retain access to your data and the app continues to provide unparalleled functionality: every part of the app keeps working except for connected services. You even get future updates free.

Free for 30 days, then plans starting at less than $5/month.

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For macOS Catalina or higher

Mac, iPhone, iPad

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Our customers save $500 a year and 40 hours of time.

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An outstanding starter package!

  • Account types:
    • Checking
    • Savings
    • Credit cards
    • Basic asset
    • Basic liability
  • Automatically connect to banks (via Direct Access and OFX)
  • Create budgets
  • Create reports
  • Setup goals to pay down debt
  • Build an emergency fund
  • Encrypted Cloud Sync (see all data on all devices)
  • Technical Support (with US-based representatives)
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Everything in Bronze plus:

  • Account types:
    • Investment
    • Retirement
    • Real estate
    • Mortgage
    • Loan
  • Download stock prices
  • Investment reports
  • Download home values (US-only)
  • Save for education
  • Plan for retirement
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Everything in Bronze & Silver plus:

  • Account types:
    • All
  • Track accounts in different currencies
  • Download currency exchange rates
  • Check printing

All purchases are made through our apps, billed annually. Prices are in USD.

Mac, iPhone, iPad

Get all 3 apps

All tiers include native Mac, iPad and iPhone apps

Wait, what's special about this subscription?

We don't hold your data hostage

If you pay once, but then choose not to renew, you retain access to your data indefinitely. You can even add and edit transactions, accounts, reports and budgets manually with an expired subscription.

Pay once, get updates for free

If you choose not to renew your subscription you keep getting updates to the software, free. Yep, that's right, you'll have access to updates which contain bug fixes, features and enhancements. Some new features and services may require an active subscription. But giving you our updates is our way of trying to woo you back to being a paying subscriber – we believe you'll see all the great new stuff and want to re-subscribe.

Stay subscribed for the best experience

When you keep your subscription active you'll retain access to our great connected features like automatic transaction downloading, cloud sync, stock prices and currency exchanges rates (different subscription tiers have access to different services).

Change tiers anytime

If your financial management needs change, just change tiers as appropriate. Upgrades happen immediately and you'll be charged a prorated amount. If you downgrade, you'll stay at your current tier until the end of the billing cycle.

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For macOS Catalina or Higher