I was a classic-Quicken Dinosaur. Once Intuit sold, I knew I needed a new Mac-based personal finance app. Banktivity is a BETTER solution.
- Tom F, Washington
Switched from Quicken in 2021
I was a classic-Quicken Dinosaur. Once Intuit sold, I knew I needed a new Mac-based personal finance app. Banktivity is a BETTER solution.
- Tom F, Washington
Switched from Quicken in 2021

Compare Banktivity to Quicken. It has everything Mac users need, and much more. See details below, then start your free trial

Your subscription is Safe and Secure. Banktivity will never sell or access your data. Your files live locally on your macOS/iOS devices.
“Read the fine print. Quicken sells your data. That doesn’t feel very secure to me!”
- Robert R, Maine
Banktivity comes with a suite of powerful Goal tracking tools. (Quicken has no comparable feature.) You decide how much you want to save, in which account and by when. Banktivity does the rest by monitoring the balance of the chosen account and earmarking the appropriate amount of money toward your goal. If you envelope budget, you can sock cash away toward the emergency fund as well. This tight integration between your accounts and goals lets you continually see your progress.
Save For Retirement
Save For Education
Pay Off Credit Cards
Save For Big Ticket Items
Banktivity’s enhanced reporting features let you customize and graphically depict your information any way you want. Proactively manage all aspects of your finances, saving and spending with an interactive financial dashboard.

“Banktivity is the best account management tool for Mac that I have found. Simple and accurate with good reporting tools. Former Quicken user, I like the simplicity of Banktivity”
– Ken, Utah
Income & Expense
Net Worth
Tag Spending
Loan & Debt
US Tax
Investment Summary
Report Groups
Compare two time frames on one report
Transaction editing on reports
Create single-click dynamic reports
Unlike starter financial apps, Banktivity offers a comprehensive suite of insights, tips, tools and features. It has more involved investment management and analysis options. Manage assets, track buys, sells, splits, dividends, options and more. Calculate IRR, ROI and gains and losses.
Retrieve Quotes
View Price History
Short Sales
Stock Option Trades
Portfolio Value
Capital gains
Return on Investment (ROI) Limited
Internal rate of return (IRR)
See all your finances in one place – Monthly bills. Credit cards. Bank accounts. 401(k)s. IRAs. Mutual funds. ETFs and more

“The user interface made it possible to view my accounts in the way I wanted and allowed me to budget realistically so as to bring down the areas I wanted to”
- Rahmiz T, South Africa
Checking and Saving
Credit Cards
Amortized loans
RRSP, RESP and Current
Account Groups
Banktivity’s Workspaces increase productivity by allowing side by side views within the app. You can choose what you need to see on a single screen. Group any two accounts, reports, budgets and more so you can focus on the details without losing sight of the big picture. (Quicken has no comparable feature.)

“It looks and feels like a Mac app. It has gorgeous and customizable reports. It has a solid development history, and it looks like it's a sustainable business, so it won't get abandoned and I can count on it for upcoming years”
– Evgeniy, Russia
“Now I’m keeping track of my bank and credit card accounts, as well as some investment accounts. I switched to Banktivity once Quicken essentially abandoned the Mac OS market. (They have returned, but why should I believe they’re here to stay?)”
– Brian R, St Louis MO
Keep entirely separate sets of "books"
Keep multiple documents open at the same time
Password protection
“Finally, a straight-forward way to manage my transactions”
– Diana N, UK
Split transactions with multiple categories
Jump to transfer accounts
View splits inline
Attach image or file
Scheduled transactions
Online bill pay
“Banktivity just made everything available right in front of you. Which Quicken didn’t”
– Daniel D, Texas
Custom categories & sub-categories
Assign tax codes
Custom category images
Banktivity supports automatic transaction downloading from thousands of banks worldwide. Other import options are using the built-in web browser or directly from your bank using an import file.
Direct download from online accounts
Integrated web browser
Use rules to clean up & categorize imported transactions
Import from Microsoft Money
Import from Quicken for Windows
Import from Quicken for Mac
Time-tested budgeting principles and methods to help you reach your financial goals. Envelope budgeting (or zero-based budgeting) puts you in complete control of your finances. Use what you have right now and make a plan for how each dollar will be spent.

“There are very few financial tools that effectively accomplish envelope budgeting. This led to trying lots of software options (such as Quicken) and wasting time and money”
– Nathaniel S, Indiana
Envelope budgeting option
Budgets automatically incorporate scheduled transactions
Budget vs. actual report
Budget groups
Keep data in sync across devices
Sync Mac to Mac
Create new accounts
End-to-end encryption for sync
Edit existing accounts
Manually enter transactions
Manually enter investment transactions
Set up and manage your budget
Set up and manage scheduled transactions
Set up and manage categories
Set up and manage securities
Set up and manage tags
Manage autofill payees (templates)
Enter security prices
Device-based, end-to-end encryption for sync
Free 30 day trial
Multiple currency support
Maintain multiple user documents
Dark Mode option
Check printing Limited
Available on Mac App Store
Export to QIF
Export to Turbo Tax
Export to CSV
Unlimited email support
Free LiveChat
Masterclass video library
Online support articles
Built-in Help files
IGG Software has no affiliation with Quicken. Comparisons are based on Banktivity 8.3 and Quicken for Mac 2020. Some features may have been updated or removed since this page has been posted. Independent customer feedback and testing contributed to this page.