Set, track and reach goals.

Take on life’s major financial milestones – plan for retirement, save for education, pay down credit card debt and more.


Goals for every stage of your financial journey

No matter where you are on your financial journey, everyone has financial goals. For some it might be building up an emergency fund, paying off your credit card debt or student loans. For others saving for a down payment on a home mortgage, a kitchen remodel, their children's education, or retirement.

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Here's the thing about financial goals, without a plan, they are just a wish. This is where Banktivity's goal tracking comes in. Banktivity helps you develop a financial plan so you can achieve your goals.

Banktivity goals
See the progress you are making toward all of your financial goals in one place.

Be prepared for the unexpected

Having an emergency fund should be your number one priority.

Build up an emergency fund

In minutes, you can set up a goal to save for an emergency fund. You choose the target amount and how much you can contribute each month and Banktivity takes care of the rest.

Banktivity goals

Say goodbye to credit card debt

Credit card debt is like swimming around with an anchor. Every time you are about to come up for air, it pulls you back under the water.

Pay off credit card debt graph

Pay down credit card debt

With exorbitant interest rates and fees, being saddled with credit card can keep you from making progress on any other financial goals. Banktivity has a dedicated goal feature just to help you pay off your credit card debt.

Higher education doesn't need to come with higher stress

Know how you are going to pay for your kids' college or university expenses

Set a goal for paying for college

Our save for education goal helps you develop a plan to fund your child’s future. You can set up goals for each of your children. Banktivity’s assistant walks you through the important questions while you are in the planning stage. Based on your answers, you’ll develop a plan for how you are going to send them to school. Knowing what it will cost and how to get there.

Save for education goal

Save for something special

Planning a kitchen remodel? Or maybe saving up for a new car? Banktivity lets you setup, track, and monitor saving toward, well anything you feel is important enough to save for.

Save for education goal

You can't have too many goals

Set up as many goals as you feel is necessary for the things you are saving for. For each goal, you tell Banktivity how much it will cost, how much you can contribute, and when you need it. Banktivity takes care of the rest.

Planning for retirement made easier

Whether you are looking at FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) or just want to retire at some point, Banktivity has the tools you need to make it happen.

Planning for retirement made easier

With Banktivity's retirement planning goal we've made it easy to understand what your finances will look like in your golden years. For US-based customers we incorporate your estimated social security payments. Additionally, our easy assistant collects over 30 different key pieces of information to give you simple answers to the complex questions around retirement.

What it tells you

You'll start by inputting key data like how much you would like to have when you retire, how much you have now, when you hope to retire, the growth rate of your savings until you retire, to name a few. Then Banktivity does some powerful number crunching and lets you know when you'll hit your goal, how much you'll need to contribute monthly to hit a retirement goal or how much you'll have each month to spend in retirement. Hitting your retirement goal can be complex and dynamic – Banktivity distills it down and makes it easy to understand.

Save for retirement goal

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