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Masterclass Sessions

Masterclass Session 1

Session 1 – Documents and Subscriptions

Running time: 0:53

Learn about how Banktivity uses documents. This session also covers some commonly asked questions about our new subscription.

Masterclass Session 2

Session 2 – Accounts and Transactions

Running time: 1:40

Dive deep into the different account types in Banktivity and how to use them.

Masterclass Session 3

Session 3 – Importing and Payees

Running time: 1:34

Learn about Import and managing Payees with Banktivity.

Masterclass Session 4

Session 4 – Scheduled Transactions

Running time: 1:24

Learn about scheduled transactions and reconciling with Banktivity.

Masterclass Session 5

Session 5 – Investment Tracking

Running time: 1:13

Learn to track your investments with Banktivity.

Masterclass Session 6

Session 6 – Budgeting

Running time: 1:51

Learn about budgeting with Banktivity.

Additional Recorded Webinars

Browse our collection of webinar classes.


Getting Started With Banktivity

Running time: 0:50

Learn the basics of setting up your accounts using Banktivity


Master Envelope Budgeting

Running time: 0:29

Learn the basics of Envelope Budgeting using Banktivity

Class starts in January.

Required course materials – Banktivity of course!

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