Take Greater Control of Your Finances with the all-new Banktivity for Mac/iOS

Banktivity gives you everything you need to proactively manage your personal finances. All in a safe and secure platform that only you can access - across all of your Mac/iOS devices.

Download and experience:

  • Full support for Big Sur and forthcoming Apple Silicon
  • New 'Goals' feature - plan and hit your financial milestones
  • Touch ID to unlock documents, new statement summaries and more

Download Banktivity Beta

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WHO is Banktivity for?

Anyone who wants greater control over their money and wants to make working towards their goals easier and achievable.

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WHAT does Banktivity do?

Provides the tools, tips, and know-how to help you proactively plan, save, spend and achieve your financial goals.

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HOW is Banktivity different?

It's a subscription based Mac/iOS-only platform that promises 100% data integrity and privacy.

Gain greater control with these new features in Banktivity:

Build Wealth

New on Mac

Goals. Banktivity helps you reach life’s major financial milestones. We went over the top with powerful new goal tracking. You can now plan for retirement, save for education, pay down credit card debt and more.

Beautiful on Big Sur. We’ve redesigned Banktivity’s UI to take full advantage of the beautiful new aesthetic of Apple’s next OS, Big Sur.

Ready for Apple Silicon. The new Banktivity will run natively on the Apple Silicon Macs announced earlier this summer.

Touch ID. Unlock your documents with Touch ID on your Mac.

Signatures On Your Checks. Print checks with your signature already on them.

And more! Over 30 other enhancements, features and improvements!

New on iPhone and iPad

Reconcile. You can now reconcile (and sync!) your statements.

Dark Mode. Our new iPhone and iPad apps look fantastic in Dark Mode.

Portfolio View. A new dedicated Portfolio view let’s you see your investments like never before.

Universal Binary. One app to rule them all!

Seeing is Believing – Screenshots of the New Banktivity

Plan for Retirement

Goals in Banktivity
Sail off into the sunset with total financial clarity.

Pay Down Debt, Build an Emergency Fund, Save for Something Big

Pay down debt goal in Banktivity
Paying down debt and building an emergency fund are some of the most important financial goals. Banktivity gives you a plan to meet those milestones.

Goals are Integrated Into Your Envelope Budget

Budget in Banktivity
Move money to your goals.

Beautiful Register

Checking Account Register in Banktivity
See. Every. Transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! With our new subscription (that doesn't suck), you pay once and get access to all of the new apps (Mac, iPhone and iPad).

Your data is yours and the apps keep working in "basic mode". That means you can keep using the apps to track your finances, but premium features and connected service like Cloud Sync, Direct Access, stock price downloading, etc. will stop working. You can read more about our subscription here.

Bronze: $49.99 USD a year. It includes everything you need to get started with managing your finances including Direct Access and Direct Connect/OFX connectivity, cloud sync, budgeting and more.

Silver: $69.99 USD a year. It includes everything in Bronze plus support for tracking investments, mortgages and loans, real estate and more. Silver also includes support for downloading stock quotes and home prices (US homes only).

Gold: $99.99 USD a year. It includes everything in Bronze and Silver plus support for setting up and tracking accounts in different currencies and check printing. The gold tier also allows you to download currency exchange rates.

You can get your hands on them very soon! We just need to wrap up a little testing. When they are ready, they will be made available through Apple's beta testing platform, TestFlight.

Head on over to our support site where you can talk to a live chat representative or submit a ticket.


You can try the Banktivity apps for free for 30 days. After 30 days, your credit card will be billed based on the selected tier (bronze, silver or gold). During your trial you can switch tiers as much as you’d like to help you decide which is the right feature set for your financial tracking needs.

Yes, but not until we are out of beta! Until then, all subscriptions will be made through IGG Software.