How do I import my older Banktivity data (versions 5, 6, or 7) into Banktivity 9?

First, open your existing Banktivity data. At the top of the Banktivity window you will see the file name for the  Banktivity Document file you are using now. Please Control-Click on the file name at the top of the Banktivity window. Then click on the first folder below the file name.  This should open the folder in a Finder window with your current Banktivity Document file selected. That’s the Banktivity Document file you’ll need to import into Banktivity 9.

Next, open Banktivity 9 (download and install Banktivity 9 first if necessary – When first opening Banktivity 9, you will be greeted with “Welcome to Banktivity” (If necessary you can go to File> New> Document to get back to the “Welcome to Banktivity” screen).

To upgrade your data from previous versions of Banktivity to Banktivity 9, click “Create a New Document”, followed by “I’ve used Banktivity Before”

In the following screen you will be prompted to “Choose a file to import.” In this screen you can click “Choose File” to select your existing Banktivity document (data) file from your previous version. Select/highlight your existing Banktivity document (data) file followed by clicking “Open”.

If you are using Direct Access or Direct Download (OFX) you will be able to import the passwords for your accounts by clicking “Import Passwords”.  The password you need to enter in order to import your passwords into Banktivity 9 is the Admin/Login password for your Mac (this should be the same as the password you use when your Mac starts up.  Enter the Admin/Login password for your Mac followed by clicking “Always Allow”.  If you have multiple accounts enabled for Direct Access or Direct Download (OFX) you will need to repeat this process of entering your password and clicking “Always Allow” multiple times.

Now, Banktivity will prompt you to save your new Banktivity Document (data) file – we recommend saving to the Documents folder on your Mac.  You can also edit the file name for your Banktivity Document (data) file.  When ready click “Save”.  Then at the “Congratulations!” screen click “Done.”

All of your accounts, transactions, reports, budgets and other data should now appear in Banktivity 9.

Please note, your version 9 document will end with the extension of .bank8. We are moving away from tying a file extension to the version of the app since upgrading the app doesn’t require a purchase. Keeping the file extension the same helps with the app making migrations from previous versions easier.

NOTE: If you were using Cloud Sync in your previous version of Banktivity we do NOT recommend syncing Banktivity 9 with previous versions, nor do we recommend using sync settings that imported from previous versions with Banktivity 9. Please turn off syncing in Banktivity 9, followed by setting up syncing again after importing your data. Go to File> Subscription> Sync Settings followed by clicking “Turn Off Syncing”. Then go to File> Subscription> Sync Setup to set up syncing again.

Additionally, you will need to install Banktivity 9 on any of your iOS devices from the App Store before syncing with your iOS devices.