Banktivity 5: How to fix an “Invalid Document ID” error using Cloud Sync

It is important that you follow the steps exactly as they are outlined below to ensure your document will be restored with the most current data.

If you are using Cloud Sync and see an “Invalid Document ID” error it means that you need to send an entirely new set of data back up to the server, and then set up Cloud sync again for all other devices. The rest of this article explains how to send up a fresh copy of your data and set up Cloud Sync again with new documents on your other devices.

Before sending up a fresh set of data, be sure you are on your device that you feel has the most up to date information. If possible, try to make sure Banktivity for Mac is in this state as it has the most complete set of data to send up (e.g. Banktivity has reports and our iOS products don’t).

Setting Up Fresh Cloud Sync From Mac:

On Mac
– Open your Banktivity document, go to View> Show Sync Settings.
– Click “Troubleshoot Cloud Sync”.  Then click on the text that says “Click here to stop syncing this document.”
– Click “Sync Setup”.
-Follow the onscreen instructions to send up a fresh copy of your data to the Cloud Sync server (you’ll be asked to provide a new cloud document name and password).

On other devices
– Create a new document
– Follow the onscreen instructions to set up cloud sync.
– Identify the cloud document you created in the step above and select it

Setting Up Fresh Cloud Sync from iOS:

On iOS Device
– Tap “<Banktivity” (or <Back)
– Tap “Create a New Document”
– Enter a name for the new Document (any name you like), then tap “Continue”
– Tap “Open Cloud Sync Document”
– Sign in to your Banktivity ID account
– Select your Cloud Document from the Cloud Server, then enter your encryption password.

On Mac
– Close all open documents
– Choose File> New Banktivity Document, click “Open Cloud Sync Document” and follow onscreen instructions to sync with the cloud document created in the step above

Once you have successfully pulled down a fresh set of data and you are syncing, you can delete your older document(s) that still show an “Invalid Document Id” error.