How can I archive my older Banktivity 5 data?

Banktivity 5 does not have a built in archive feature but some Banktivity users have been using a process like this to archive older data (change dates to suit your needs):
  1. Quit Banktivity and locate your data file in the Finder (if you’re not sure where you saved it, try looking in your Documents folder).
  2. Save a copy of your Document (data) file – go to File> Save As. Rename the new file as “Banktivity Data 2018” (or something similar).
  3. Double-click your regular, active data file to open it with Banktivity.
  4. Write down the 2017 ending balance of each account.
  5. Delete all the transactions from your accounts, up to 1/1/18.
  6. Add a new Deposit transaction to each account, type in “Starting Balance” for the payee, and assign it the amount you wrote down for that account.
  7. That should do it! Now your account balances will be current and your older transactions are safely stored out of the way.
***Note: we do not recommend archiving investment accounts as this could inerfere with cost basis and the number of shares owned in your investment accounts.

If you use Banktivity’s Cloud sync feature, be sure to STOP SYNCING your archived data file so that your newly created data file is not replaced with your archived data. Go to View> Show Sync Settings, click “Troubleshoot Cloud Sync” followed by clicking on the text that says “Click here to stop syncing this document”