Why have my Chase accounts stopped working with Direct Access (errors 430/412 ‘Site not supported’)?

Chase recently stopped supporting the older legacy direct access connection method and now only supports the open banking method. You must be running version 8.7.5 in order to connect via direct access to Chase. To fix this in version 8.7.5, you will need to take all Chase accounts offline and relink them using the following steps:

To take accounts offline:
– Double-click on the account
– In the popup window that appears click on the Check Status button
– In the Account Connection Status window click on the Take Offline button.
– Repeat this for all accounts you want to take offline

To relink accounts:
– Double-click on one of the accounts
– In the popup window that appears click on the Configure Connection button
– Follow the prompts in the windows that appear.
– Choose the listing for Chase – US
– Select Yodlee as the connection method

In Banktivity 8 for iOS:

To take offline:
– From the Summary screen, tap on the account in question.
– Then, from the account screen, tap on the icon that looks like a square with a pencil in it.
– In the window that appears, you should see at the bottom “Bank Info Automatic Downloads”. Tap on that.
– On the next screen tap Take Offline.

To relink:
– Tap on the square icon at the top again, tap on Bank Info.
– Next, tap Automatic downloads, then tap Find My Bank.
– Tap on the tab for New
– Search for Chase and select the listing for Chase – US
– Follow the prompts that appear to re-link your account.

You will not be able to connect to Chase via direct access in versions 5, 6, or  7 because those versions only supports the older, legacy direct access method. If you are using any of the older versions, you will need to upgrade to Banktivity 8 in order to connect via direct access to Chase.