Why have my Capital One accounts stopped working?

Capital One has moved to Open Banking which is a more reliable and safe connection method. The switch to Open Banking means the support for legacy Direct Access has been removed. In order to continue connecting via Direct Access, customers will need to be running version 8 and use the Yodlee method to connect. Capital One on older versions of Banktivty is no longer supported. We have a support article that explains more about open banking here: https://www.banktivity.com/support/articles/banktivity-for-mac/what-is-open-banking/

We have a detailed support article that explains how to migrate your data here: https://www.banktivity.com/support/articles/banktivity-for-mac/how-do-i-import-my-existing-banktivity-data-into-banktivity-8/

If you are already using version 8 and your Capital One accounts stopped working, it’s probably because they are using the legacy connection method. In this case, you will need to take your Capital One accounts offline and relink them.

To take accounts offline:
– Double-click on the account
– In the popup window that appears click on the Check Status button
– In the Account Connection Status window click on the Take Offline button.
– Repeat this for all Capital One accounts

To relink accounts:
– Double-click on one of the Capital One accounts
– In the popup window that appears click on the Configure Connection button
– Follow the prompts in the windows that appear. You will be guided through a new set of steps to connect your account(s).