Why does my account say it’s closed when it’s not?

When you double-click on the affected account, then in the popup window that appears click on the Check Status button you will see some more detailed connection information. In the window that appears (the Account Connection Status Window), if you see the message ‘This account is closed’ but you know for a fact your account is not closed and is active and open, you’ll want to follow the steps below to resolve that error.

For Banktivity for Mac:

First, go to File > Subscription > Direct Access.
In the window that appears, click the Delete button next to each listing for the affected financial institution.

When finished, click Done.

Next, please relink your accounts as follows:

– Double-click on one of the accounts
– In the popup window that appears click on the Configure Connection button
– Follow the prompts in the windows that appear.

You should no longer get the ‘This account is closed’ error.

For Banktivity for iOS:

First you will need to delete the connection IDs for that bank:
– Tap on the gear icon in the top right corner, then tap Direct Access
– Look for the name of the bank tied to the account getting ‘This account is closed’ error and swipe left to reveal the red Delete button
– Tap the red Delete button.
-When finished, tap Cancel in the top right corner.

Next reconnect the account:  
– Click on the pen and paper icon on the top of the account summary to edit the account.
– Under ‘BANK INFO’ tap ‘Automatic Downloads’
– On the next screen tap ‘Find My Bank’
– Follow the prompts to search for  and select the bank for your selected account.  You’ll be prompted to login to the account and then select the appropriate account to reconnect.   

You should no longer see ‘This account is closed’ error.