I can’t set up an account to use Direct Access

This article is to help resolve issues when you are trying to set up a Direct Access connection for the first time, but it is failing. If your account used to connect using Direct Access, but isn’t any more, please see this article.

If you are entering in your correct credentials and security questions, but iBank still is failing to make a Direct Access connection, please follow these steps.

  1. Verify that you can log in to your bank’s website using the same credentials. Sometimes a bank blocks Direct Access connection until an announcement is presented to the user and dismissed via the website, or you have to accept new terms and conditions, etc. If you can log in to the website without issue, read on.
  2. Go to Banktivity> Preferences> Advanced and place a checkmark beside “Preserve troubleshooting information on Direct Access server”
  3. Close the Preferences window, then attempt to set up downloading for your account again.
  4. If the set up fails, click “Cancel”
  5. Next go to File> Manage Direct Access
  6. Click on the text that says “Click here to remove activated banks…”
  7. From the list of Direct Access Banks, look the “Name”, “Item ID”, “Service ID” and “Status” as they appear for the financial institution you are having issues with.
  8. Collect the ID information send them to the customer services representative you are working with, or submit them through our support contact form.