Apple Card now supported with Direct Access.

3/25/24: Yodlee is still actively working on this issue. We will post another update once we learn more.

02/29/24: We are aware of the issue where the connection to Apple Card is successful but no transactions are importing. We are actively working on getting this resolved as quickly as possible.

02/02/2024: We are happy to report that Apple Card is now supported via direct access in the latest version of Banktivity. You will see the listing called Apple Card – US in our directory of banks.

Update 02/02/2023: There was rising hope that we were going to be able to add support for the Apple Card, but unfortunately, Goldman Sachs is blocking IP access to aggregators. Yodlee will continue to request access.


Currently Apple Card accounts are only accessible via the Apple Wallet app. Unfortunately, we cannot support mobile sites based with iOS access only as of now. Apple Card accounts would need to be updated manually in Banktivity until this changes. If Apple (or Goldman Sachs) decides to allow access to Apple Card account information online from a web browser application, we should then be able to add Direct Access support at that time.

Update 4/17/20: The Banktivity 7.5 update should allow you to import OFX and/or CSV files exported from the Wallet app.  The best way to update Banktivity is to go to Banktivity> Check for Updates. 

Update 1/1/21: Our Direct Access team is working on adding Direct Access support for Apple Card accounts.  We hope support can be added soon, but in the meantime, you should be able to export your Apple Card transaction data from the Wallet app on your iPhone and then import the data into Banktivity.