“Nothing in life is free; you always pay in the end.” – Wayne Static Despite claims that apps are free, that is often not the case. Every owner is looking to monetize their apps, so it’s important to understand the hidden costs of so-called free apps. Here are four drawbacks: 1. Privacy, privacy, privacy The… Read More

Envelope Budgeting is easy ith Banktivity! Learn how to track your paycheck splits, and loan principle and interest.

Most people find the concept of envelope budgeting fairly intuitive. You put your money into various envelopes designated for various spending categories, like Rent, Groceries, Cell Phone, etc. When you spend from one of those categories, you take the money out of the appropriate envelope to cover the expense. This works if you have physical… Read More

Learn about the different Retirement Accounts options avialble to you.

This Personal Finance 101 article focuses on upping your knowledge on all of the various retirement accounts that are available to people living in the US and Canada. If you are anything like me, you want to make sure that the next time a retirement account alphabet soup conversation starts up, you can jump right… Read More

I’m going to get this right out in the the open. Debt is bad. Now I know some of you are already thinking, “yeah, but what about my home equity line of credit, that isn’t so bad. I took that out to make a home improvement which is contributing to the overall value of my… Read More

Starting a budget, paying off debt and building savings are some of the most common New Year’s resolutions.  According to a study by Fidelity(1), more than a third of Americans had a financial New Year’s resolution in 2017. They also found that the majority of people were able to stick to their resolution and save… Read More

Grab a nice cup of (iced!) coffee, sit back and let’s discuss the debt snowball method, one of the most effective ways at paying off debt. If you carry a balance on your credit cards from month to month, then the debt snowball method is probably just the right thing to start some serious changes… Read More

Investing has never been easier for the general public. With the onset of online trading and various apps, it doesn’t take much to invest a little of your extra cash. But for many, the idea of investing immediately invokes walls of fear and the idea that it is too complex for a lay person.  In… Read More

Yes, budgets are important – I won’t argue otherwise here. They can be crucial to getting out of debt, planning for upcoming expenses and more. But if the secret to getting your financial house in order stopped at budgets, we would be selling our customers short. In reality, really understanding your finances and getting on… Read More