Welcome to June! We’re halfway through the year. A time to look forward to some pleasant weather, outdoor fun with family and friends and a summer vacation getaway. But before you go all Clarke Griswold, crank up the “Yacht Rock” and head out on Kenny Loggins’ Holiday Road, a bit of housekeeping. Financial housekeeping that is. June’s… Read More

Buying a house can be stressful. There is so much documentation to get together and so many decisions to make. My family recently bought our first home and at first we had no idea what we were doing. We had looked at Zillow and estimated what we could afford based on their monthly cost estimator,… Read More

5 ways you can use your tax refund. Start a debt snowball to crush your debt. Invest in your retirement, and your family's happiness with a special vacation.

All of 2018 you anticipated how much you were going to get on your tax refund. Maybe you imagined blowing it all on a jet ski! My husband and I talk about what we are going to do with it all year, dreaming and planning. You have probably done your taxes by now and know… Read More

Paying your bills on time isn’t always enough to keep a high rating. Watch out for these hidden pitfalls. You don’t need to be an MBA to know the best ways to damage your credit rating. It’s actually rather easy: Just fail to pay your bills on time (or, better yet, don’t pay them at… Read More

How can a different mindset actually make me smarter financially? By observation. Yes, that’s right, it’s that simple. By observing your mindset, you create the potential for change. Maybe you’ve heard this before in Quantum Theory. If you haven’t, here it is in a nutshell: electrons behave differently  when they are observed (Observation Affects Reality)!… Read More

I’m going to get this right out in the the open. Debt is bad. Now I know some of you are already thinking, “yeah, but what about my home equity line of credit, that isn’t so bad. I took that out to make a home improvement which is contributing to the overall value of my… Read More

Think that rock-bottom, factory-closeout price is a great deal? Think again. If you learned to speak Minnesotan from Garrison Keillor on his iconic radio show, “A Prairie Home Companion,” you might know the difference between “not a bad deal” and “a heckuva deal.” But for the large swath of the population who don’t speak Minnesotan,… Read More

How I found myself in debt is a pretty common story for many. In fact it happened, almost unconsciously, while chasing The American Dream. I found a decent paying job, bought a house, went to college and started raising a family. After some years of climbing the corporate ladder, I realized that I was not… Read More

How to have a happy holidays without over spending

If you’re like most Americans, the celebration and sparkle of the holiday season will get the best of you. That’s right, chances are you’ll end up spending too much and out come those credit cards! You feel so good about the gifts you bought for everyone. But in January when your statements arrive, so does… Read More