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We've Implemented Our Customers Most Requested Features

Remove Historical Data

Whether you have a bloated document with decades of financial data, or you just want to "start fresh" each year, this new feature will keep your data lean and mean. When you use this feature you'll be asked to provide a "cut-off date". All data before that date will be removed (and optionally saved off into a separate document for historical references) and the app will do the smarts and carry forward just the relevant data from the cut-off date.

Reports on iOS

Income and Expense, Net Worth, Payee and more are now available on iOS. We also put in handoff support so you can easily move from Mac to your iOS device and vice versa. Please note, not all report types are available on iOS, yet.

Interface Scaling

Zoom in and out of the main content area. No need to stress your eyes. And for those young hotshots out there, you can scale the interface down to see even more information in the same size window.

Single-line register

This was one of our most requested features and we are happy to finally deliver an option for this. You can toggle between the "simplified register" and the regular register via the hot keys shift-command-\ or go to the View menu. When you edit a transaction you'll still get the standard editor that allows you to see and edit all of the data associated with the transaction.

Budget with automatic bill matching

New Budget UI

We refreshed the budget view so you can more easily see how much you've overspent (or underspent!) and we now show the difference between budgeted and actual. Our gradient bars indicate with proper shading if you are overspent, but might still come within budget for the month, or if you have overspent completely.

Improved Scheduled Transactions

Create scheduled transactions for complex recurring dates like, "the last Wednesday of the month." You can also now properly end a scheduled transaction.

Currency Manager on iOS

Now on your iPad and iPhone you can properly manager your currencies including setting a custom exchange rate.

Push Notifications

We now use push notifications to make cloud sync more robust.

More Goodies

We added lots of other enhancements and we fixed many, many bugs.

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