Why am I getting Cloud Sync error 1033 and how do I fix it?

UPDATE: This issue should be fixed in the latest update, 8.7.3. Go to Banktivity > Check for updates and follow the prompts that appear to download & install 8.7.3 if you purchased through our website.

For Mac App Store users, you should see Banktivity as an update to download on the App Store.

If you are getting error `1033 when trying to use cloud sync, this typically means you have securities that are missing names, ticker symbols, or both.

Here’s how to fix that:

On your Mac, please go to View> Go To> Securities and make sure any/all securities are entered with names and symbols. If there are any securities listed without names or symbols, double-click on the security and then enter a name and/or symbols for all securities.

Next, go to Settings > Payees, Schedules & Rules and click “All Payees”. From the list of Payee templates, do you see any templates without Payee names or without Amounts? If so, please either delete those Payee templates or edit the templates so all templates are entered with Payee names and Amounts.

After checking/editing your Securities and Payee templates go to File> Subscription> Sync Settings and click “Advanced Options”, followed by “Reset Server”. This will resync your data from your Mac to the Cloud Sync server.

Once Cloud Sync has completed from the Mac, try creating a new Document on your iOS device(s) as follows:

– Tap “Create a new document”
– Tap “I’ve used Banktivity before”
– Tap “Open Cloud Sync”
– Sign in to your Banktivity ID account
– Choose your Cloud Sync Document
– Enter the encryption password for your Cloud Document
– Tap “Done” – Enter a name for the new document (any name you like), then tap “Continue”
– Complete the remaining steps as you like.
-Allow the sync to finish on the iOS device.

That’s it! Your data should now match between Mac & iOS.