Direct Access changes for TD Ameritrade beginning 2/20/23

We have been notified that Schwab has acquired TD Ameritrade. As such, Direct Access support for TD Bank Ameritrade will begin transitioning to Schwab on 2/20/23. This will require disabling Direct Access for all TD Ameritrade accounts and re-enabling them using the Schwab listing in Banktivity. Directions on how to do this are listed below.

How to switch Direct Access to Schwab (previously TD Ameritrade)

Disable online access for TD Bank Ameritrade:
  • Double-Click on your TD Bank Ameritrade account
  • Click “Check Status” followed by “Take Offline” (do this for all TD Ameritrade accounts)
Enable online access with Schwab:
  • Double-Click on the (old TD Ameritrade) account name
  • Choose “Configure Connection”
  • Choose “Find my bank” and select Charles Schwab from the list
  • Follow the onscreen prompts as necessary. You will be prompted to enter your credentials (when the app sends those credentials directly to your bank). You will need to review and accept the terms and conditions once to grant IGG access.