Direct Download OFX no longer supported for Bank of America

Bank of America has discontinued support for direct download OFX connections in personal financial management programs. In order to connect to Bank of America for automatic transaction downloads, you will need to connect using Yodlee in the current version of Banktivity (version 8). Bank of America is one of the banks that has moved to the open banking platform.

To switch your accounts from direct download OFX to Yodlee, you will use these steps:

First, take the accounts offline:

– Double-click on the account
– In the popup window that appears click on the Check Status button
– In the Account Connection Status window click on the Take Offline button.
– Repeat this for all accounts you want to take offline

Then, relink the accounts:

– Double-click on one of the accounts
– In the popup window that appears click on the Configure Connection button
– Follow the prompts in the windows that appear.
–Search for and select the listing called Bank of America – US
–Select Yodlee as the connection method
–Continue following the prompts that appear

If you are unable to take the accounts offline in version 8.6 or later, you must download & install version 8.5.4 from here:

After opening 8.5.4, you must then take the accounts offline while in that version using the steps above. Once the accounts are offline, then, update back to 8.8.2 and you should be able to relink via Yodlee.