Importing QIF, OFX, QFX, and CSV files in the new Banktivity on iOS

The new Banktivity supports the importing of QIF, QFX, OFX, and CSV* files iOS.

If the file is accessible in the Files app, either on your device’s local filesystem or on iCloud Drive, then the can send the file right to Banktivity. You can also click on an import file in a message and “Copy to Banktivity”

To send the file to Banktivity, just tap on it. 

Either Banktivity will activate immediately, or you can use the share button (box with arrow) to send the file to Banktivity. Which of these happens depends upon what other apps may be installed that have told the iOS they could do something with the same file types. If Banktivity is the only app that recognizes the format, then it activates right away. 

After the import file is sent to a data file, Banktivity activates in one of two modes:

1. If there is already an open document active, Banktivity asks into which account you want to import the data.

2. If Banktivity’s documents browser is active, you will get an alert saying there is a new [OFX/QFX/QIF/CSV] available to import in any document. When you open your document, there will be a button under the accounts list that says “Import Available”. 

The waiting import file will be removed when it’s imported, or it can be swiped to delete without importing. 

That’s it!

*Note: CSV files cannot be imported into Investment accounts, and presently, only import from Apple Card CSV is supported.