Getting started with the new Banktivity (8 or 9) on iOS

This article is intended for customers that do not already have an active Banktivity subscription.

To start, you will need to download the new Banktivity app from the App Store.

Launch the app and tap “tap to begin”

Tap “Create a New Document”

Tap “I’m New”

Now you will need to start your new trial by setting up your Banktivity ID. Enter the Banktivity ID username in the “Choose Banktivity ID” field (this can be an email address, your name — anything that makes sense to you) and then tap on “Create”.

Next, enter and confirm your password, your email address, first and last name, and security question. Then, tap “Create Account”.

The following screen will ask you to Verify Your Email. Once you have done that, tap “Done”. You will now be on the “Banktivity ID” page where you can sign in to your Banktivity ID to get started!

Banktivity’s setup assistant will walk you through purchasing the app and setting up your new document.

To determine what tier might suit you best, Banktivity is going to ask you what category set you would like to use and whether or not you have any investment or retirement accounts you would like to track. You would toggle these on if you do want to track these account types or leave them as is. You also want to toggle on Multiple Currencies if you are tracking accounts in more than one currency. Next, Banktivity will suggest the tier that would suit you best based on your previous selections, but you can change the tier at any time. Next, tap “OK”.

Double Click to Subscribe and login to the App Store to make your purchase so you can get started setting up your accounts and begin managing your finances in Banktivity!