Direct Download/Bill Pay (OFX) with Citi Credit Cards

To download transactions into your Citi Credit Card account, you must be running Banktivity 7.3.1 (or higher). If you have been using Direct Download (OFX) with previous versions of Banktivity, you will need to take your account offline and set up online account access again.

Disabling Online Access: From Banktivity, Double-click on your Citi Credit Card account in the sidebar, then choose “Check Status” followed by clicking “Take Offline”.

Sign in to your account on the Citi website After signing in, go to Profile> More Settings> Manage Desktop Apps and click “Add Access” – This should start a 10 min countdown.

Enabling Online Access: Go back to Banktivity and Double-click on your Citi Credit Card Account, choose “Configure Connection”, then “Find My Bank” and select “Citi Credit Cards” specifically from the bank list and then choose “Next”. Choose “Direct Download/Bill Pay” in the next window and enter your Username and Password.

NOTE: Citi Bank Credit Card online account access no longer requires a case sensitive password or limited characters. You will need to follow the format Citi approves for the username and password in order to connect in Banktivity.