Open Banking support for Australian Banks

As of 11/29/2023 all Australian banks listed on the supported bank list in Banktivity transitioned from screenscraping to the Open Banking protocol. This will require users to disable online access for all Australian accounts in Banktivity and then re-enabling online access with the new Open Banking site.

How to enable Open Banking

Disable online access (if already connected):

– Double-click on the account
– In the popup window that appears click on the Check Status button
– In the Account Connection Status window click on the Options button
– In the popup window that appears click the Disconnect button

Enable online access:

Double-click on the account name for the account
Choose “Configure Connection”
Choose “Find my bank” and select your bank from the list
Follow the onscreen prompts as necessary. (You will be prompted to enter your credentials, but it will be when the app is sending those credentials directly to your bank.)