How to disable and re-enable Direct Access for a bank

Directions for disabling and re-enabling Direct Access (on Mac):

Step 1:

  • Double-click on the account in the sidebar
  • In the popup window that appears click on the “Check Status” button
  • In the Account Connection Status window click on the “Take Offline button”
  • Repeat this for all accounts you want to take offline

Step 2:

  • Go to Banktivity > Preferences > Advanced and place a checkmark beside “Preserve troubleshooting information on Direct Access server”
  • Close the Preferences window

Step 3:

  • Double-click on one of the accounts for the bank having issues
  • In the popup window that appears click on the Configure Connection button
  • Follow the prompts in the windows that appear to link your account(s) through Direct Access 2 (Y), also known as Yodlee

If you receive an error, dismiss the error, then continue following the steps below to file a support ticket with the IGG Support Team:

  • Go to File > Subscription> Direct Access
  • Please capture a screenshot of the window that appears and be sure the name of your bank shows in the screenshot

To take a screenshot, press Command-Shift-3. You should hear a ‘click’ sound and a file with ‘screenshot & date’ with a .png extension will appear on your Desktop.