How do I reset my Banktivity ID password in Banktivity 8 or 9?

Please sign out of your Banktivity ID from ALL devices (Macs & iOS) first, then try resetting your Banktivity ID password through the following steps:

– Open Banktivity
– Go to File> Subscription > Banktivity ID, and if you are currently logged in, click on the Logout button at the bottom of the window.
– Next, go back to File > Subscription > Banktivity ID,  then click the “Lost Password” button.
– Enter the email address you used when starting your Banktivity subscription, then click “Send Recovery Email”
– Check your email for a message from, the subject should be “IGG Customer Account Lost Password”. Open the email and click in the link contained in the email, then enter your new password. – Enter your Login and Password in the “Banktivity ID Login” window.

Note: The email will also contain the Login ID name for your Banktivity ID account. The second line of the email should say “In case you don’t know your login, it is: ___” (this may or may not be your email address).
Once you’ve reset your Banktivity ID password, then go ahead and try to sign into your Banktivity ID on any other Macs and/or iOS devices.