Which stock exchanges are supported for security price downloads?

Good news! We now support downloading prices from more stock exchanges.

Here is a list of the stock exchanges (and their symbol suffixes) that are supported (The New Banktivity required)

NOTE: (using London as the example) the format must be LLOY.L or LLOY-LN.  Using LLOY-L or LLOY.LN will not.

  • -NA (Amsterdam)
  • -DH (Abu Dhabi)
  • -IB (Bombay)
  • -BB (Brussels)
  • -CT (Canada Toronto)
  • -ID (Dublin)
  • -GY (Germany XENTRA)
  • -RF (Iceland)
  • -MI (Italy)
  • -KP (Korean)
  • -PL (Lisbon)
  • -LN (London)
  • -LX (Luxembourg)
  • -SN (Madrid)
  • -FP (Paris)
  • -IT (Tel Aviv)
  • -UK (Ukraine)
  • .TSE (Tokyo)
  • -AU or .AX (Australia)
  • -HK (Hong Kong) Symbols require an additional preceding 0. For example, 000.5-HK would be 0000.5-HK
  • -SA (Sao Paolo, Brazil)
  • -SW (Switzerland)
  • Sweden, Stockholm, -ST
  • Norway, Oslo, -OL
  • Finland, Helsinki, -HE
  • Denmark, Copenhagen, -CO

U.S. based exchanges, like NYSE and NASDAQ are also supported.

You will likely need to update the suffix on your securities. For example, securities you download from the London Exchange will need to be changed from FGT.L to FGT-LN.

Foreign stocks don’t update for current date market price. That means if today is March 24 and you own FGT-LN, you won’t get a price the March 24 price until several hours after the market closes.

You will also need to update to the current release of Banktivity (version 9.2.5 or later).