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Archiving your older data in the new Banktivity

Banktivity does not have a built-in archive feature but some Banktivity users have been using a process like this to archive older data (change dates to suit your needs): – If using Cloud Sync, turn off syncing first.  Go to File> Subscription> Sync Settings, click “Turn Off Syncing”. – Go to File> Save As rename the…

Can I License Banktivity on multiple Mac’s with one license?

You can install Banktivity on multiple Mac’s with one license. You do not need to purchase multiple licenses. To share your Banktivity data among multiple devices you can use the Cloud Sync option available in Bankitvity.  Information about cloud sync has been posted in a separate Support Article here: https://www.banktivity.com/support/articles/ibank-5/how-do-i-use-ibank-cloud-sync-to-share-documents-between-my-devices/