What’s the difference between Direct Access and Direct Download (Direct Connect)?

Direct Access is a service that’s exclusive to Banktivity (for Mac, iPad and iPhone), Direct Access is a superior, advanced method for updating account data automatically. Direct Access connects to thousands of banks worldwide, and allows you to see all of your financial transactions in Banktivity as soon as they become available in your online accounts. Once your banking logins are set up, accounts update in the background, with no additional steps needed.

Direct Access can be shared between your copies of Banktivity for Mac and Banktivity for iPad/iPhone, and downloaded data can be synced between devices. But if Direct Download (OFX) or Manual/Web Download meet your needs, Direct Access is never required in order to use Banktivity successfully.

Direct Download (OFX) – For most customers of U.S. banks, Direct Download (also called Direct Connect) provides an optimal experience for updating your account transactions in Banktivity. Its advantages include seamless connectivity to your accounts and the fact that its standard OFX protocol is required to use Banktivity’s bill pay feature (if your bank also supports bill payment from 3rd party financial software).

Direct Download may require you to set up a separate login and password to your account(s), and some banks may charge a fee for direct connections. Ask your bank about this — and note that for institutions which say they don’t “support” Banktivity, you can ask to set up your account the same way as “Direct Connect” for Quicken (Direct Download and Direct Connect both use the same OFX protocol). A list of banks that support OFX connections to Banktivity is available within Banktivity for Mac (including the free trial).