Setting up Direct Connect/OFX Bill Pay with TD Bank

In order to use Direct Connect/OFX Bill Pay with TD Bank, you must grant Banktivity access.

Here’s how to do that:

Log in to your account on the TD Bank website and go to Account Options > Account Services > Account Settings > Manage Linked Services.

Then, approve Quicken Windows 2016 for financial tool access.

Now, launch Banktivity and click on the “+” sign, then “Add Account”.

Choose “Account at a bank, credit union or other financial institution”, then “Next”.

Choose “TD Bank” from the supported bank list, then “Next”.

Choose Direct Download/Bill Pay for the connection type, then “Next”.

Enter the same username and password you use when logging into your account(s) on TD Bank’s website.

Next, select all of the accounts you would like to enable Direct Connect for, then “Next”.

That should do it!