I just set up my account in iBank, but only a few months of data imported into my account, how can I download the older data?

The amount of data iBank can retrieve when setting up downloading varies from bank to bank. iBank requests all available data going back as far as 1982 during the initial download set up process. However, it is common for many banks to only keep a few months worth of transaction data available on their servers for downloading.

In some case you may be able to download additional transaction data by logging in to your account on your bank’s website and then navigating to the download area for your account. In other cases you may be able to request the additional transaction data from your bank. When asked to select a download format, choose OFX (MS Money), QFX (Quicken Web Connect), or QIF (Quicken). If none of these options are available iBank can also import CSV files for banking accounts.