When I was first asked to be a contributor to Banktivity’s blog, I asked “Why, me?”

After all, I’m not a financial advisor, money manager or fiscal expert by any stretch of the imagination. 

As I explained to the Banktivity team, I’m just a regular guy who, despite being given some helpful budgeting guidance from his father, made some pretty bad, downright stupid financial decisions. The type that set you back a bit, and swear you’ll never make again. 

Too which they said, “Exactly! We want you to share your experience and perspective.”

But my perspective was and still is merely a desire for financial survival. 

Like when a new Administration came into the White House in 1980 heralding “trickle-down economics” and offered a mere drop in the bucket in the form of college grants. Or when I turned my first (and last) $4800 IPO investment into $27.50 during the dot com bubble of the 90’s. Or when my retirement savings took another massive hit during the near total collapse of the financial markets throughout 2007 — 2008 (when everyone but us regular people were “too big to fail”). 

Once again, their response was “Now that’s what we’re talking about!” 

So it turns out, my financial pain, woes and setbacks are actually invaluable life lessons? Go figure.  But not just mine. Yours are, too!

We want to learn from you
–the good, the bad & the funny

Surely you have some great money management tips, saving strategies, stories and anecdotes you’ve picked up or created along the way. We want to hear em. All of them! How are you managing the financial demands of today while preparing for all your future needs? 

How are you prioritizing your budget? What are the must haves vs nice to haves? 

Any tips on stretching grocery dollars? 

When and what are your go-to splurges (if any)? 

How do you keep your focus and commitment during this high inflation.

Ditto any financial gaffes, slip-ups or money screw-ups you may have made. I’ve shared a few of mine is past blogs, and will happily share more in future posts, if you will, too. 

The Feds showing up at your home is rarely a laughing matter!

Ideally, they’re not the devastating type (although they may have felt like it at the time) but can laugh at today. 

Like the time a friend of mine used multiple credit card rollover offers as long as possible to put off paying out of his own pocket. Only to have the FBI VISIT HIM AT HIS PLACE OF WORK UNDER SUSPICIAN OF MONEY LAUNDERING! It wasn’t funny at the time (to him, at least), but 15 years later is makes for a hilarious story.

The bottom line is this

We’re all doing our best to make the most of the money we have and to live a great life today and well into the future. That’s the whole mission behind Banktivity — the intuitive, personalized suite of proactive money-management tools designed to help you get your money’s worth. 

In fact, Banktivity’s new Goals feature makes it easier (and automatic) to take on all your financial goals — big and small or in between — with greater confidence. Coupled with the no-nonsense Envelope Budgeting feature, Banktivity makes financial prioritization a snap. 

More than tools, there are the customizable reports that let you clearly see where you stand financially. And then there are all the informative webinars on maximizing Banktivity to serve your very specific wants and needs. To say nothing of information-sharing forums like this blog.

Share your financial success for a chance at fame and fortune

Experience is one of life’s greatest teachers. We all have different experience which means we are all teachers in our own right. Share a story, an insight, experience or financial lesson you’ve learned to this blog and (with your permission) we’ll share it with the Banktivity community and beyond. (Hey, who knows where that could lead? Screenplay)?

To share a story, simply add it in the comments. (And let us know if its ok to share).

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