How to use these help files:

Welcome to Banktivity! These help files are provided to assist you in finding your way around the Banktivity application. Whether you are a first-time user just learning the ropes, or a Banktivity expert hunting for power user tips, we trust that this guide will help you take advantage of everything Banktivity has to offer. To get you started, here are a few notes about how to use Banktivity Help.

Browsing: To get a quick overview of what is contained in these help files, use the table of contents listed at left. Clicking any of the titles will jump you to that section in Banktivity Help.

Hyperlinks: Throughout the help files, you will find words or phrases that are highlighted in blue. The color indicates that the word or phrase is a hyperlink, which you can click to jump to another section for more information on that topic. These cross-references should help to ensure that you always find the right answers to your questions, no matter where you start your search.

Notes: Interspersed throughout these help files you will find boxes containing extra information about the topic at hand. They might offer caveats about certain features, explain in greater detail how certain functions work, or provide extra tips for power users who want to get more out of Banktivity.

Look for boxes like this one for hints, tips, and extra info.

Menu commands: In these help files, you are often instructed to choose commands from the various menus provided in Banktivity. To simplify the menu hierarchy, we chose to use the ‘>’ character to denote each sub-menu or menu item. To illustrate, when you see View > Sort Transactions By > Date, this can be interpreted as, “Go to the 'View' menu, then go to the 'Sort Transactions By' submenu, then choose 'Date.'”

System requirements:

Banktivity 9 requires macOS Catalina 10.15 or higher. To read about what's new in version 9, see New Features.

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