Banktivity is Better for Proactive Money Management.

  • More robust features than Quicken
  • Manage all aspects of your finances
  • Designed exclusively for macOS/iOS
  • Secure platform only you can access

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For macOS Catalina or higher

Banktivity : Review
"It does not get any better than this" - Trent Y
Banktivity : MacWorld

"There is no better financial app available for your mac"

Banktivity : Forbes

"Much better alternative to Quicken and Mint"

Banktivity : Millennial Money Man

"Tired of Quicken? Take a serious look at Banktivity"

Banktivity : AppStore Standout App 2021

"Robust tools to keep your finances in order"

WHO is Banktivity for?

Anyone who wants greater control over their money and wants to make working towards their goals easier and achievable.

WHO is Banktivity for?

WHAT does Banktivity do?

Provides the tools, tips, and know-how to help you proactively plan, save, spend and achieve your financial goals.

WHAT does Banktivity do?

HOW is Banktivity different?

It's a subscription based macOS/iOS-only platform that promises 100% data integrity and privacy.

HOW is Banktivity different?

Your search for the most intuitive and empowering personal finance app for macOS/iOS is over.

Banktivity gives you the power to finally take complete control of all your finances. Pay down debt. Buy a car or a home. Save for your kids’ education or the retirement of your dreams. Our comprehensive suite of insights, tips, tools helps you can take on every financial goal with greater confidence and focus.

With our easy set-up, you’ll soon have the most complete and accurate picture of your finances. Monthly bills. Credit cards. Bank accounts. Retirement savings. Investments and more! You’ll get the big picture and be able to dive down deeper to individual transactions.

More Robust Features

More than a mere budget tool for you to react to, Banktivity gives you an interactive financial dashboard to proactively manage all aspects of your finances. Saving. Spending. Investments. And Banktivity gives you everything you need to manage assets, track buys, sells and splits; calculate IRR, ROI, Gains and Losses. You’ll always know what’s coming in, what’s going out and why.


Your 30 Day Free Trial Includes:

  • Instant access to new features + upgrades
  • Direct Access - automatically connect to over 14,000 banks
  • Enrollment in Banktivity MasterClasses

Download Banktivity
For macOS Catalina or higher

Masterclass Session 2

“I was a long-time Quicken user, but fortunately found Banktivity. It is worthy of consideration for anyone who is looking for a financial management tool capable of handling more than just basic savings and checking accounts.”
– GVMCH (From the App Store)


“Best version yet! I really love the new Goals feature”
– Ubernaut (From the App Store)


“Best. Financial. Software. Ever. (And I've used MANY!) If you really want financial software that's both easy to use and powerful, this is the one. You can drive it in first or sixth gear, and it works no matter. Also, very stable software, and I love how it syncs across devices and from my bank accounts.”
– Raymond, Ontario, Canada


“They don’t use your data! The software is extremely flexible, allowing manual entry, OFX or Direct Connect to update your accounts. You have total control of your finances.”
– Jay H (From the App Store)


Seeing is Believing – Screenshots of the New Banktivity

Plan for Retirement

Goals in Banktivity
Sail off into the sunset with total financial clarity.

Pay Down Debt, Build an Emergency Fund, Save for Something Big

Pay down debt goal in Banktivity
Paying down debt and building an emergency fund are some of the most important financial goals. Banktivity gives you a plan to meet those milestones.

Goals are Integrated Into Your Envelope Budget

Budget in Banktivity
Move money to your goals.

Beautiful Register

Checking Account Register in Banktivity
See. Every. Transaction.

On iPhone

Banktivity summary screen on iPhone X
Summary – see the big picture while hiding your net worth
Banktivity budget screen on iPhone X
Budget – it's all about being proactive instead of reactive
Banktivity portfolio screen on iPhone X
Portfolio – always know how your investments are doing

On iPad

Banktivity summary screen on iPad Pro
Get a birds-eye view of your finances with the customizable summary screen
Banktivity budget screen on iPad Pro
Powerful budgeting features on iPad too

Frequently Asked Questions

No! With our new subscription (that doesn't suck), you pay once and get access to all of the new apps (Mac, iPhone and iPad).

Your data is yours and the apps keep working in “basic mode”. That means you can keep using the apps to track your finances, but premium features, support, and connected services like Cloud Sync, Direct Access, stock price downloading, etc. will not be available unless you renew. You can read more about our subscription here.


You can try the Banktivity apps for free for 30 days. After 30 days, your credit card will be billed based on the selected tier (bronze, silver or gold).

You can convert your remaining Direct Access time (prorated at 75% rounded up to the nearest 30 day increment) to your new subscription. Your original Direct Access time will remain accessible in older versions of Banktivity. Here are the steps to do the conversion.

Yes! If you download the app from us, your subscription will managed through our secure servers. If you download the app from the Mac App Store or iOS App Store and sign up through one of those apps, your subscription will be through Apple.

Banktivity has built-in Help files that you can access from the main menu.

Banktivity is a subscription model so there is no need to purchase upgrades. New features and bug fixes will be rolled out in updates. If you are upgrading from a previous version to the new Banktivity, any Direct Access time you have can be transferred.

While there is nothing we do to prevent this, we do not recommend using Cloud Sync between different major versions of Banktivity. There are some items that will not sync properly and may present unforeseen consequences.

Yes! Banktivity Cloud Sync keeps your documents in sync between all of your Macs and mobile devices, seamlessly. Cloud Sync is included in all of the Banktivity subscription tiers.

Possibly. Please use our contact form to submit your request and we will certainly consider it. Many of our programs' features are a result of user feedback

No, we offer customer support via live chat, email, and online support articles. This allows us to ensure that all of our support representatives are knowledgeable, responsive, and based here in the United States. We are confident that this policy is the most effective way for us to meet your support needs.

Banktivity for Mac is optimized for macOS Big Sur and Monterey, but it also runs on macOS Catalina. Banktivity on iPad and iPhone requires iOS 13 or higher.

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