USAA and Direct Access

5/4/22: Update on how to disable the cybercode token option on the USAA website:

  1. Login to your USAA account.
  2. Go to the bottom of the home screen and click “security”.
  3. Click enhanced login under solutions — that will give you a screen where you can disable the cybercode token.

4/13/22: We’ve learned that disabling the token ID option allows customers using personal finance software to connect using just their User ID and Password (you will still receive a security code to verify your credentials). We are trying to determine if this can be done directly on the bank’s website or if you must call the bank directly. We will update the article when we have confirmation.

04/06/22: We are continuing to work on the account refresh issue with Yodlee. Thank you to the customers who have posted comments on the USAA user forum!

03/18/22: USAA is continuing to block several personal finance applications (not solely Banktivity) from refreshing their accounts. We urge you to take a few minutes to contact USAA or post a comment on the USAA customer forum. We will keep putting the heat on USAA but as they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

03/09/22: Yodlee is continuing to press USAA on getting ALL Banktivity customers back online in order to refresh their accounts. We have learned that the issue is not unique to Banktivity and there’s quite a bit of noise on the USAA community forum. If you are comfortable chiming in, here is the link:

We will continue to press hard on getting you all back online!

12/10/21: USAA appears to be intentionally restricting access to a certain set of customers. Yodlee is continually following up with them and hopes to have the issue resolved very soon. Yodlee is still encouraging USAA customers to contact them and provide feedback.

12/02/21: A small number of users are still having issues refreshing their USAA accounts. In some cases, we have found that customers’ accounts have been put “on hold” and calling the bank and asking them to please remove the hold gets them connected again. We are continuing to monitor the problem and putting fixes in place.

11/29/21: We believe this issue has been resolved. Customers may receive a 429 error when refreshing their USAA account, but this can be resolved by logging in to the USAA website and accepting the terms and agreement message, and then refreshing the account again.

11/09/21: We’ve received an update from Yodlee. We believe the code changes that needed to be implemented as a result of changes USAA made to their site will be in place soon.

10/27/21: We understand that this issue has been ongoing for some time and we are doing our best to resolve it as soon as possible. Yodlee, our data aggregator has been working with USAA directly to implement code changes in order to resolve this problem.

We have been made aware of connection issues for customers trying to access their USAA accounts via personal finance applications. We are hoping the issue is resolved quickly. We will post updates here as we learn more.