Setting up Direct Download with Chase.

When setting up your Chase account in Banktivity, you will be asked to confirm your identity on Chase’s website. Please note that this cannot be done using Safari. The steps to set up Direct Download are as follows:

  • Launch Banktivity
  • Choose the “+” sign to add a new account
  • Choose “Account at a bank, credit union or other financial institution, then “Next”
  • Choose “Chase” from the supported bank list, then “Next”
  • Choose Direct Download/Bill Pay, then “Next”
  • Enter your Chase User ID and Password, then “Next”

At this point, you will receive an onscreen alert to log in to your account on the Chase website and “confirm your identity”. You will also receive an email from Chase stating you have a new message in your ‘Online Inbox in the Secure Message Center’. You can leave the onscreen alert in Banktivity up while you log in to your Chase account. Once you confirm your identity on the Chase site, you can simply go back to Banktivity and choose “Sign in” again, select your account, and import your transactions.

NOTE: you can not use two different versions of Banktivity with Chase accounts. The connection in both versions will fail.

If you do not receive the message in the Secure Message Center, go to Accounts >Profile & Settings > Desktop Apps. If you are signed up to connect to Chase with a personal finance app, it will be indicated here. If you are not signed up, Chase’s support team can be contacted at 1-877-CHASEPC (1-877-242-7372).