Manual Import of QFX and/or QIF files from Chase not working

It has come to our attention that QFX and/or QIF files from Chase are not importing successfully anymore. We have investigated the issues here and have discovered that Chase is no longer adhering to the QFX or QIF specifications. We are not sure what changed on Chase’s end or why.

With QFX files each transaction is supposed to have a unique FITID according to the QFX spec. But Chase is not entering a FITID at all with the transactions now. All transactions in recent QFX files show “NONE”. In this case Banktivity is reading “NONE” as the unique ID with the first transaction listed in the file, which causes none of the other transactions to import because their ID is not unique, it matches with “NONE”.

In QIF files each transaction should be separated by a caret “^”. For some reason these carets are completely missing from the QIF file.

We do not have a way to force Banktivity to work with the QFX or QIF files Chase is providing at the moment, since they are not adhering to the QFX or QIF specifications. We have reported this to Chase from our end. But we encourage you to discuss this with Chase as well. As a customer, sometimes your voice gets heard louder than ours.

In the meantime, CSV files downloaded from Chase should import fine into Banktivity.