NEW UPDATE 3/10/20: Issues with security quote and exchange rate downloads.

UPDATE: March 10, 2020.

Until recently we were downloading security quotes from Yahoo Finance. However, Yahoo Finance has recently turned off their API and we are no longer able to download quotes from Yahoo Finance. Unfortunately, this means older versions of Banktivity are currently experiencing issues when attempting to  download security quotes.  We are currently using IEX Trading for downloading quotes in Banktivity 7.  And we also have a update for Banktivity 6 (version 6.3.4) that we believe fixes these issues.

The best way to update Banktivity is to go to Banktivity> Check for Updates.

Banktivity 5 has been out of active development for several years and we will not be updating Banktivity 5.  We would recommend Banktivity 5 users upgrade to Banktivity 7 (or Banktivity 6).  We have Support Articles on our website that explain how to upgrade to Banktivity 7 at the discounted price of $34.99 (normally $69.99) and how to import your existing Banktivity data into Banktivity 7 with detailed steps.  Here are the links:

Upgrade to Banktivity 7 at the discounted upgrade price of $34.99

Import older Banktivity data into Banktivity 7

UPDATE:  As of November 17, 2017 these issues should be fixed now in the Banktivity 6.2.4 and 5.6.12 updates for Mac. Please note that Yahoo Finance ended the ability to download prices for any security that does not have a price history chart (including the ones that were working prior to 11/1). Because of this, security quotes will not download for those items, and you will need to manually update the price

To update Banktivity 6 to version 6.2.4 go to Banktivity> Check for Updates (MAS customers please wait for 6.2.4 to be available on the MAS and upgrade from there — it should be available soon!)

To update Banktivity 5 to version 5.6.12, download/install the 5.6.12 update using the following link:

UPDATE: We are aware that the Banktivity 6.2.2 update that was released yesterday (November 6, 2017) appears to ‘hang’ when downloading quotes. It will eventually finish, but it can be very slow. Our developers are aware of this issue and working to correct it as quickly as possible. 

Please note that quote download/exchange rates will not be fixed in iBank 4 or iBank Investor as they have not been in development for quite some time. 

As of November 1, 2017 we have had multiple reports of issues with security quotes and exchange rates not downloading anymore in Banktivity.  This appears to have affected both Banktivity 6 and Banktivity 5.

We have confirmed this bug here and have esacalated this issue to our QA & Development teams for further investigation.

We hope to have this fixed soon and will update this Support Article as we have any new information.