I’m having Direct Download OFX issues with Chase accounts

Due to recent changes at Chase, you may need to adjust your Banktivity settings using Terminal to see if that helps resolve your issues. Please try the following:

1) Quit Banktivity (if open) by going to Banktivity> Quit Banktivity.
2) Open Terminal. (Terminal is a utility application located in /Applications/Utilities/Terminal)
3) In Terminal enter the following, then press ’Return’:

defaults write com.iggsoftware.iBank5 AttemptIBankAppIDForOFXRequest NO

4) Relaunch Banktivity and try downloading again.

If you continue to experience issues, you may additionally need to verify your account again on the Chase website. Please go to the Chase website using a standard web browser, like Safari. After logging in to your account go to the Secure Message Center to see if there are any messages that require any actions. Look for any messages regarging verifying your account or referring to Quicken, then follow the instructions from the Secure Message to verify your account.  Next, try your Chase account again in Banktivity.