How to resolve: “The user is locked out, they need to verify their email”

In some cases you might see a message that says, “The user is locked out, they need to verify their email”. This message indicates that you have signed up for an Banktivity ID, but you never verified your email. (A Banktivity ID is free to create and is needed for Cloud Sync and Direct Access.)

To resolve this issue, launch Banktivity and open your Banktivity document if it isn’t open already. Then go to File> Manage iBank ID… This will take you to a sheet where you can log in with your Banktivity ID credentials. If you see a message that says “The server returned an unrecognized format. The server could be down” click “OK”, then click “Logout”. Next, go to File> Manage iBank ID and try signing in to your iBank ID account again.  If you don’t remember your credentials you can click the Lost Password… button and follow the onscreen prompts to have a “reset password” email sent to you. When you reset your password this way, you’ll also be satisfying the requirement of verifying your email. Once you reset your password, in Banktivity go to File> Manage Banktivity ID… and enter your credentials. You can then click the Update Everything button and the message should go away.