How to move your existing Direct Access time to the new Banktivity

You’ll need to set up a subscription in the new Banktivity (currently at version 8). Setting up a brand new subscription will automatically put you into a 30 day trial, but you will be required to enter a credit card (or if you downloaded from the Mac App Store or App Store you’ll need to choose a subscription tier via an in-app purchase). To verify you have a subscription set up go to File > Subscription > View My Subscription. If instead you see File > Subscription > Start My Subscription, then select that to start your subscription.

Once you subscription is setup (it is okay if you are on the 30 day trial) follow these steps:

  1. Go to File > Subscription > View My Subscription
  2. If you have a Direct Access credit it will appear on this screen. It will say something like, “Available: 30 days credit” in a button.
  3. Click the credit button (described in step 2)
  4. Follow on screen prompts
  5. When it completes, your renewal date will be extended by the number of credit days applied to your subscription.