How do I upgrade my iBank 4 data to Banktivity 5?

First, open iBank 4. At the top of the iBank 4 window you will see the file name for the iBank 4 Document file you are using. Please Control-Click on the file name at the top of the iBank 4 window. Then click on the first folder below the file name.  This should open the folder in a Finder window with your iBank Document file selected. That’s the iBank 4 Document file you’ll need to import into Banktivity 5.

Next, open Banktivity 5 (download and install Banktivity 5 first if necessary – When first opening Banktivity 5, you will be greeted with “Welcome to Banktivity 5 – How would you like to get started?” (If necessary you can go to File> New Banktivity Document to get back to the “Welcome to Banktivity 5 – How would you like to get started?” screen).

To upgrade your data from iBank 4 to Banktivity 5, click on the button labeled “Import”, followed by “Upgrade Older iBank Document”

In the following screen you will be prompted to “Choose a file to import.” In this screen you can click and drag your iBank 4 Document file to the box labeled “Drag File Here.” Then click “Save.”

The following screen, “Check out these new features in Banktivity 5,” will provide you some information on the new Direct Access, Bill pay and Budget features. When ready, click “Continue.”

Next, Banktivity 5 will import your data from iBank 4 – this process may take a few moments depending on the amount of data you had in iBank 4. Once the import process has completed, a window labeled “We fixed your database” may appear with any changes that were made to your data during the import process from iBank 4. You can choose to “Save Log” if you like or click “OK.” Then at the “Congratulations!” screen click “Done.”

All of your accounts, transactions, reports, budgets and other data should now appear in Banktivity 5.