How do I move Banktivity to a new Mac?

To move your existing Banktivity data to your new Mac, we recommend the following:

  1. Install a fresh copy of the latest version of Banktivity on your new Mac. If you purchased Banktivity from any retailer other than the Mac App Store, please download/install Banktivity from our website here: -If you initially purchased Banktivity from the Mac App Store, then you can open the App Store application on your new Mac, sign in using the same Apple ID as you used when purchasing Banktivity, then click on “Purchases” at the top of the App Store window. Under Purchases click on the “Install” button.
  2. Then make a copy of your main Banktivity Document (data) file on your existing Mac.
  3. Move the copy of your data to a USB flash drive.
  4. Eject the USB flash drive from your existing Mac and connect it to your new Mac.
  5. Move the Banktivity Document file from the USB flash drive to the Documents folder on your new Mac.
  6. Double click on the Banktivity Document file from the Documents folder on your new Mac to open the file.

You will then want to set up downloading for your accounts on your new Mac by selecting an account on the left hand side of the Banktivity window and then going to Account> Set Up Online Account Access (repeat for each account that you would like to enable downloading for on your new Mac).

Also, you will need to license Banktivity on your new Mac by going to Banktivity> License. Click on the “Enter License” button.  Then enter your license information exactly as it appears in Banktivity on your existing Mac when you go to Banktivity> Registration Info.  (If you purchased/installed Banktivity from the Mac App Store then Banktivity will be automatically licensed using your Apple ID). Entering any information other than what appears in the Registration Info window on your existing Mac will cause the registration process to fail (this includes using a different email address from the one you registered with).