Morgan Stanley acquired E*Trade

Following the purchase of E*TRADE by Morgan Stanley, Yodlee has been notified that all E*TRADE account numbers would change from 8 digits to 9 digits. Phase 1 of this change would be carried out by Morgan Stanley between March 10 and March 12, 2023.

Following this change, users might see a “this account looks to be closed”.

To enable Direct Access again for Morgan Stanley:

Go to File > Subscription > Direct Access and remove all instances of E*Trade from the Direct Access Banks list.

Disable online access for E*Trade:
  • Double-Click on your E*Trade account
  • Click “Check Status” followed by “Take Offline” (do this for all E*Trade accounts)
Enable online access with E*TRADE from Morgan Stanley:
  • Double-Click on the (old E*Trade) account name
  • Choose “Configure Connection”
  • Choose “Find my bank” and select “E*TRADE from Morgan Stanley” from the list
  • Follow the onscreen prompts as necessary.