Security quotes from LSE off by a factor of 100

If you are having issues with quotes importing from the LSE where the quotes are off by a factor of 100, you can use the following steps to correct this issue:

  • Go to View> Go To> Securities.
  • Double-Click on the listing for the security from the list to open the security settings.
  • Make sure the symbol extension is entered with a .L extension specifically (i.e. BP.L).  Also, make sure the checkbox beside “This security is traded in Pence” is checked.  Make and save any edits, if necessary.
  • Click on the gear icon that appears in the lower-left, beside the pricing chart, followed by choosing “Delete All Prices”
  • Click on the gear icon again, this time choose “Download Prices Since Last Year”

You will need to repeat the above steps with any/all securities you are having this issue with.